Monday, March 15, 2010

Toyota: Accellerating Out of Control

  Today Toyota held a press conference in response to the Prius that accelerated out of control last week in California.  Without getting into lengthily details, they essentially called the owner of the car a liar.  They tested the car and were "unable to duplicate the same scenario".  I've heard the 911 tape as well as many of you have and if the guy is putting on a show he deserves an Oscar.  The media has since started slamming the guy with things like:  "he had financial trouble in 2008", "he couldn't make the payments", "he's looking for a new car for free", "he's looking for money".  Those are all great ideas from conspiracy theorists.

  I'll address the quotes in sequence:

  • Nobody has been able to duplicate this since the research and reporting began on this issue.  Cars don't have black boxes and only very few will record information after a collision.  Duplicating a software flaw (which I believe it is) takes thousands if not millions of tests.  ECU's (Engine Control Units) which are the brains that drive modern day cars are for the most part using the same technology as early 90's computing.  The coding is flawed, easily manipulated and sometimes downright sloppy.  The problem here is that nobody regulates what makes the car go, they only regulate crash standards and emissions.   
  •  I'm going to address the next three quotes with one response.  If the guy had financial trouble in 2008 and was not credit worthy or bankrupt, then the imbecile that approved a loan to him is at fault.  I hardly find that is the case though.  If he was unable to make the payments, I'm quite sure the vehicle would have been repossessed by now.  I'm also rather sure that if there was evidence of default on the loan that it would have been mentioned during today's press conference.  Lastly, if he wanted a free car then why would he openly state he'd never drive that car or any Toyota product again?
  I worked in the body business during high school and shortly thereafter.  I've always told people that Toyota's were dangerous vehicles.  They may be reliable mechanically as many Japanese cars are but they are made with inferior materials.  I'm not going to get into technical details for fear of boring my readers but I'll make the following suggestion:

  If you plan on buying a car go with something German (they last forever and are available used fairly inexpensive), if you insist on a Japanese car go with Honda or Acura.  I love America, but currently the cars are all overpriced and junk.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Healthcare: Medicare, Medicaid and Veteran's Affairs.

  If you are inept enough to believe the President's so called "health care bill" will save trillions, then you shouldn't even bother reading this blog.  He misquoted the CBO by over $780bil, that's three quarters of a trillion dollars.  But whats worse is the fact that he was off by twenty years and his bill would cost $6 trillion dollars.  So we save a trillon but spend $6 trillion.  So I should basically trade in my BMW and pay an additional couple thousand dollars to buy a 1978 Honda that doesn't run.  But wait!  Back in that car's day, it was more efficient than any other car on the road so its well worth the sacrifice! 

  Here's why I'm banging my head against the desk:  How are there still over 40% of Americans saying Obama has it right with health care, create jobs and reduce the debt?  I am a failure when it comes to math, but it only equates to simple arithmetic to take 6 and minus 1.  So we spend 6 trillion, save 1 trillion and well.......  Seems to me there are 5 trillion missing?  Most 1st graders could figure that one out.  The math is botched, the White House has a bigger propaganda scheme than the Nazi Party and Rahm seems to enjoy docking in his spare time.  (look up gay docking)

 Health care isn't broken, people aren't dying in the streets.  Quite frankly the only thing that pisses me off about our current health system is Veteran's Affairs aka the VA.  I've heard numerous stories about mistreatment, lack of care, waiting periods etc.  So when you hear about Medicare cuts in a bill, the VA has already gotten the shaft.  The men and women that have served to protect us aren't going to be mentioned.  Nor are the inadequacies they receive medically that they were promised for life from the day they signed on.  Medicare and Medicaid are partially managed by the private sector, whereas the VA is a sole government entity managed and subsidized by the U.S. Govt.  And people want the Gov't to run a "public option" where the same imbeciles would decide on your health?  They can't even get it right with the hero's of this country, imagine what the average Joe would get.......