Friday, October 30, 2009

The Recession is Over! ...or not

  Yesterday the propagandist in chief (Obama) and gaffe-aholic (Biden) were quick to claim that the recession was officially over due to a slight increase in GDP last quarter.  The markets responded quite well to this news and the news that Friday they would announce over a million jobs have been saved or created by the $700+ billion dollar spendulus bill with the documents to prove it!

  Well here we are on Friday realizing that yet again the White House played a trick and our treat wasn't so nice.  The Associated Press reported that the administration basically lied about the numbers they claimed on jobs.  Biden, this afternoon said; that over a million jobs have been created or saved yet earlier today the website had listed only 30,000 jobs created or saved as of 10/15/2009.  Shortly after Biden opened his pie hole that number quickly changed to 640,329 as of 10/30/2009 on the website!  I'm really starting to believe Obama does have God like powers, in a matter of minutes he made 610,329 jobs appear on that very same site.  Then again, if you are going to pull numbers out of thin air at least keep up with your own lies and post the 1 million plus number that Biden claimed.  So what was the outcome of all this?  A massive sell off on Wall St. causing the DOW to tumble 249 points with traders saying Monday will be even worse.  How could this happen?  Well lets just say that I think people are starting to finally realize that nothing the White House announces regarding the economy has any truth to it.

  I said months ago that the market would pick up and tank even worse than March.  Hopefully I'm wrong but I am far from convinced the worst is over...

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  1. I hope you're wrong too, but things aren't looking up. Totally stealing "gaffe-aholic," btw.