Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unions: Ridiculous requests from imbeciles

   I'm sick of watching these union protests on the news as opposed to more pressing world events. Wisconsin unions have been the leader in headlines of imbeciles looking for more pay, benefits and rights for workers. I'm not a constitutional lawyer or a lawyer at all for that matter. What persists to me by doing a bit of research into state legislature and constitutional rights is quite relevant to me. What the Governor has restricted in the recent bill is saving the state hundreds of millions of dollars legally. He has revoked the right for the union to overthrow any state legislation that can be lobbied in the union's favor for unfair pay and pension.

   Why should a snow plow driver that works for the state be guaranteed his full pay and benefits after retirement (not even including what his family gets)? Why should any state worker be allowed to overthrow a state passed law for pay increase? These people already make 42% more than people in the private sector. I respect the Police officers and Firemen for putting their lives on the line, but should a street sweeper be granted the same benefits? No.

   Our economy stinks and we need to cut back. I'm sick of hearing about the "skilled worker" that works for a car company or otherwise that merely presses a button every five minutes and gets paid $70 an hour. The rest of us are working our asses off to make ends meet while these people are represented by the Government.

   What really irks me is these thousands of teachers and state workers running around in the streets saying the kids and people are in their best interest. Really? Why aren't you at work? What good are you doing anyone by running across state lines or spending days in a state capitol, defecating in the halls, destroying monuments and sending death threats to elected officials?

   The majority of the Democratic party has spoken for itself with these antics, especially since most were bussed in by the Obama administration.

Shame on you.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Oil Issue That Nobody Has Addressed...

1) China and India are drilling 50 miles off the shore to Key West... Not only that but they can do "slant" drilling which will let them not only drill into the Cuban outer Continental Shelf but also drill our own legal off shore oil fields. China is also planning on using the same technology that we wanted to use for Anwar.

2) In 2007 congressional democrats led an effort which became law to prevent the department of interior from enacting new rules for commercial oil shale leases until at least October 2008. The republicans in May this year tried to get around it. But in the end they didn't go after the shale.

3) Drill off the coast of Florida and California, President Clinton, no, no, no we cannot drill anything off our shores until 2012.

4) Here is what's at stake: The outer continental shelf moratorium, the at LAN tack ocean, the outer continental shelf moratorium, Pacific Ocean, outer continental shelf moratorium, Gulf of Mexico.

5) There is even a congressional ban on doing an analysis of the resource potential for oil and gas in the Atlantic, Pacific and the eastern gulf. We can't even say can we look into it. Congress has said no. Then the Anwar. Back in 1995 President Clinton vetoed it. It is 700 miles away from a tree. Also LAX terminal is larger then Anwar.

6) Oil, when he vetoed this, was $19 a barrel. He said we didn't need the oil that much. New technology was right around the corner and it would be until 2007 until we got the oil.

7) Now oil is $125 a barrel, up from $19 a barrel. We would have been pumping that oil out now. They say, well, there's not that much oil to get, yet. Here's their solution: They don't want to go into Anwar. Let's not go in and take the shale in the mountains. Let's not go to the take coal. We're three times the size of Saudi Arabia in coal to oil. Here's their solution: Empty out the strategic petroleum reserves. Empty out the strategic oil reserves. It's now holding 700 million barrels of oil. We're at war in the Middle East. Empty out the strategic oil reserve? Are we intentionally trying to destroy ourselves?

8) If you go to buy a new car, it's going to cost you about $2,000 extra. Because the trains are overloaded, because we can't afford to ship products by air anymore, because the airlines are becoming obsolete, the airlines cost too much money to ship things. So, people think, well, I'll just ship it by train. Well, now the Chicago -- the backlog on the trains in Chicago is so enormous, it's costing $2,000 extra per car to get it onto a train.

9) The airlines announced last week, the people who sell the jet fuel to the airlines (the airlines are in such precarious positions for the first time ever) they're being told you have to pay cash for everything. They used to have a 20 day turn around. They would give them the jet fuel and the airlines had 20 days to pay it off. That means the people who are selling the airlines' fuel think they're not good for 20 days.

Now for the Cap and Trade bill congress is debating this week (Hillary, Obama and McCain all approve and support this bill).

1) The new cap and trade bill will make gas go up $1.50 a gallon right from the start.

2) The EPA estimates it will take 1.1 to $2.8 trillion out of our GDP. 70 percent of our GDP is consumer spending. That means to take $2.8 trillion out of the GDP it means that you have $2.8 trillion or about, what, 70 percent of that, 1.5, $1.8 trillion less to spend.

3) And it's not even sure how much this will help the environment. Even if the bill works exactly as promised, it would cut global CO2 concentration by only 4 percent, which wouldn't produce even a measurable drop in temperatures.

4) The bill would impose an average of more than $80 billion in new energy taxes every year

5) The bill aims to gradually cut US emission of greenhouse gases by 2050, to 60 to 65 percent below 2005 levels. That's an even more ambitious goal than the one in the 1997 Kyoto Treaty, which the Senate condemned 95-0, as far too burdensome for the US economy.

6) The bill's backers claim that it will create lots of new "green jobs." But there's no credible evidence to support that. To the contrary, a study conducted by consulting firm CRA International found that, in its first seven years, the bill could cause a net loss of 1.2 million jobs.

7) It also would mean higher energy costs for every American. The Heritage Foundation estimates that from 2012-2030 every household will pay on average $8,870 extra to buy energy - not including higher gasoline prices.

8) Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) has already announced her plans for the windfall: Give a quarter of it ($800 billion) to the poor and half ($1.5 trillion) to pet Democratic projects (such as wildlife adaptation, international aid and mass transit) and special interests (such as alternative energy start-ups and auto-manufacturing retooling groups). The rest ($900 billion) she'd direct to "deficit reduction," DC-speak for "We'll do with it as we damn well please."

It should be no surprise that Congress approval rating is at 13% and it also makes me wonder why the Democrats are confident they will keep their seats and gain new ones with such a low approval rating.

By: Guest Writer Rob.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Toyota: Accellerating Out of Control

  Today Toyota held a press conference in response to the Prius that accelerated out of control last week in California.  Without getting into lengthily details, they essentially called the owner of the car a liar.  They tested the car and were "unable to duplicate the same scenario".  I've heard the 911 tape as well as many of you have and if the guy is putting on a show he deserves an Oscar.  The media has since started slamming the guy with things like:  "he had financial trouble in 2008", "he couldn't make the payments", "he's looking for a new car for free", "he's looking for money".  Those are all great ideas from conspiracy theorists.

  I'll address the quotes in sequence:

  • Nobody has been able to duplicate this since the research and reporting began on this issue.  Cars don't have black boxes and only very few will record information after a collision.  Duplicating a software flaw (which I believe it is) takes thousands if not millions of tests.  ECU's (Engine Control Units) which are the brains that drive modern day cars are for the most part using the same technology as early 90's computing.  The coding is flawed, easily manipulated and sometimes downright sloppy.  The problem here is that nobody regulates what makes the car go, they only regulate crash standards and emissions.   
  •  I'm going to address the next three quotes with one response.  If the guy had financial trouble in 2008 and was not credit worthy or bankrupt, then the imbecile that approved a loan to him is at fault.  I hardly find that is the case though.  If he was unable to make the payments, I'm quite sure the vehicle would have been repossessed by now.  I'm also rather sure that if there was evidence of default on the loan that it would have been mentioned during today's press conference.  Lastly, if he wanted a free car then why would he openly state he'd never drive that car or any Toyota product again?
  I worked in the body business during high school and shortly thereafter.  I've always told people that Toyota's were dangerous vehicles.  They may be reliable mechanically as many Japanese cars are but they are made with inferior materials.  I'm not going to get into technical details for fear of boring my readers but I'll make the following suggestion:

  If you plan on buying a car go with something German (they last forever and are available used fairly inexpensive), if you insist on a Japanese car go with Honda or Acura.  I love America, but currently the cars are all overpriced and junk.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Healthcare: Medicare, Medicaid and Veteran's Affairs.

  If you are inept enough to believe the President's so called "health care bill" will save trillions, then you shouldn't even bother reading this blog.  He misquoted the CBO by over $780bil, that's three quarters of a trillion dollars.  But whats worse is the fact that he was off by twenty years and his bill would cost $6 trillion dollars.  So we save a trillon but spend $6 trillion.  So I should basically trade in my BMW and pay an additional couple thousand dollars to buy a 1978 Honda that doesn't run.  But wait!  Back in that car's day, it was more efficient than any other car on the road so its well worth the sacrifice! 

  Here's why I'm banging my head against the desk:  How are there still over 40% of Americans saying Obama has it right with health care, create jobs and reduce the debt?  I am a failure when it comes to math, but it only equates to simple arithmetic to take 6 and minus 1.  So we spend 6 trillion, save 1 trillion and well.......  Seems to me there are 5 trillion missing?  Most 1st graders could figure that one out.  The math is botched, the White House has a bigger propaganda scheme than the Nazi Party and Rahm seems to enjoy docking in his spare time.  (look up gay docking)

 Health care isn't broken, people aren't dying in the streets.  Quite frankly the only thing that pisses me off about our current health system is Veteran's Affairs aka the VA.  I've heard numerous stories about mistreatment, lack of care, waiting periods etc.  So when you hear about Medicare cuts in a bill, the VA has already gotten the shaft.  The men and women that have served to protect us aren't going to be mentioned.  Nor are the inadequacies they receive medically that they were promised for life from the day they signed on.  Medicare and Medicaid are partially managed by the private sector, whereas the VA is a sole government entity managed and subsidized by the U.S. Govt.  And people want the Gov't to run a "public option" where the same imbeciles would decide on your health?  They can't even get it right with the hero's of this country, imagine what the average Joe would get.......

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Disrespect on an Olympic scale

  I've followed the Olympics for as far back as I can remember.  Never have I seen so many American athletes disrespect the flag during the National Anthem.  By disrespect, I mean not holding your hand over your heart while the anthem is being played.  We learned this in grade school when we recited the Pledge of Allegiance every morning before class started.  Its been quite some time but maybe they don't even do that anymore. 

  Someone needs to tell the fools that run Team USA that its a sign of disrespect to the flag and America when you don't acknowledge allegiance to your country by holding your hand over your heart.  Besides that, the people that have worn their hats through it as well.  My generation isn't exactly perfect but the ones following mine are beyond fundamentally flawed.  If this is a sign of things to come, then America really does need a blessing from God.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


  Since when has socialism been portrayed accurately in American pop culture? I’ve never seen it covered in “Facts of Life” and I’ve watched every episode. And that lefty noise bucket Rage Against The Machine never really explained how they spent their millions. I’m guessing it’s not on Rogaine and trucker hats.

  Fact is no one ever explains what socialism is when someone says “hey, my brother is a socialist”, they never follow it with “you know, that ideology that helped kill millions”. No, instead it’s “he recycles sex toys for the homeless. God he’s so caring.” So you can romanticize socialism because it’s a big fat exaggeration of sharing. As kids we’re always told to share. If you have 20 Playboys under your bed, surely you can give one to Billy who has none.

  Socialism added lotion to this notion that it’s just not right for you to have a lot when others have to little. Never mind that you’ve earned your share while the others just sit around watching Judge Judy in their mesh thong. Face it, socialism is government forcing you to share your stuff with jerks.

  So the only way to expose this fraud is to start young. The next time your son mows the lawn, don’t pay him. Tell him you’re going to “spread it around” to quote our President. Yep, even though Tommy did all the work there are kids down the block that deserve that cash just as much. Now if your kid goes for this ,you have full permission to send him to me. I see house boy written all over him

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A day in hostages.

On this day in 1981 the American hostages held in Iran were released.

Yesterday the American people were released from Democrats by electing Scott Brown.