Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unions: Ridiculous requests from imbeciles

   I'm sick of watching these union protests on the news as opposed to more pressing world events. Wisconsin unions have been the leader in headlines of imbeciles looking for more pay, benefits and rights for workers. I'm not a constitutional lawyer or a lawyer at all for that matter. What persists to me by doing a bit of research into state legislature and constitutional rights is quite relevant to me. What the Governor has restricted in the recent bill is saving the state hundreds of millions of dollars legally. He has revoked the right for the union to overthrow any state legislation that can be lobbied in the union's favor for unfair pay and pension.

   Why should a snow plow driver that works for the state be guaranteed his full pay and benefits after retirement (not even including what his family gets)? Why should any state worker be allowed to overthrow a state passed law for pay increase? These people already make 42% more than people in the private sector. I respect the Police officers and Firemen for putting their lives on the line, but should a street sweeper be granted the same benefits? No.

   Our economy stinks and we need to cut back. I'm sick of hearing about the "skilled worker" that works for a car company or otherwise that merely presses a button every five minutes and gets paid $70 an hour. The rest of us are working our asses off to make ends meet while these people are represented by the Government.

   What really irks me is these thousands of teachers and state workers running around in the streets saying the kids and people are in their best interest. Really? Why aren't you at work? What good are you doing anyone by running across state lines or spending days in a state capitol, defecating in the halls, destroying monuments and sending death threats to elected officials?

   The majority of the Democratic party has spoken for itself with these antics, especially since most were bussed in by the Obama administration.

Shame on you.