Sunday, February 14, 2010


  Since when has socialism been portrayed accurately in American pop culture? I’ve never seen it covered in “Facts of Life” and I’ve watched every episode. And that lefty noise bucket Rage Against The Machine never really explained how they spent their millions. I’m guessing it’s not on Rogaine and trucker hats.

  Fact is no one ever explains what socialism is when someone says “hey, my brother is a socialist”, they never follow it with “you know, that ideology that helped kill millions”. No, instead it’s “he recycles sex toys for the homeless. God he’s so caring.” So you can romanticize socialism because it’s a big fat exaggeration of sharing. As kids we’re always told to share. If you have 20 Playboys under your bed, surely you can give one to Billy who has none.

  Socialism added lotion to this notion that it’s just not right for you to have a lot when others have to little. Never mind that you’ve earned your share while the others just sit around watching Judge Judy in their mesh thong. Face it, socialism is government forcing you to share your stuff with jerks.

  So the only way to expose this fraud is to start young. The next time your son mows the lawn, don’t pay him. Tell him you’re going to “spread it around” to quote our President. Yep, even though Tommy did all the work there are kids down the block that deserve that cash just as much. Now if your kid goes for this ,you have full permission to send him to me. I see house boy written all over him

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